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Amalgall Onna Gall

As a player in fashion industry, no matter how small you are, there comes a point of selfawearness and sustenable awaking. We have the duty not only to ourselves, but to our chidren and Mother Earth to take action.

*Venus of the Rags, Michelangelo Pistoletto, 1967

The time of ignorance is past and gone; there are options through lifestyle changes and artistic exploration:

# Reevaluating consumption; buying less clothes, buying better clothes.  We don't really need that much anyway;

#Alteration/getting clothes fitted or fixed and shoe repair, it's much cheaper than you imagine; ...and caring for traditional crafts, too.

#Switching the shopping practice more to local producers; everybody knows the whys.

Regarding my work, sustenability is one business criteria which includes among others having local partnerships, minimum stock, choosing natural fibers and...Zero Waste. 

Working with fabrics means waste, a lot of it. Being a non waster since forever, I keep almost everything that results from the production process ...and transform it into a new fabric.

It's not an easy process, yet not very complicated. It takes time, that's true but the result is different than the previous one, having a unique pice of garment every time. 

amlgall onnagall

This solution offers a new identity to fabric scraps and turns them into perfectly wearable products of clothing.

amalgall onna gall

Onna gall zero waste project amalgall

The doors of creativity has opened.
Dress well. Feel good. And especially do good!


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