Paint your Top

This beautiful special project was initiated...

… with some presents I prepared for my friends. I always liked to craft presents, whether it’s sewing them, painting or making jewelry; it’s more personal and original.

...but before continuing I must say I couldn’t launch this project without the help of my always supporting illustrator ARTpi.


He works in advertising but he draws so beautiful almost everything which is an amazing talent that really few people have. I am so lucky to have him by my side and since I am an opportunist…D, I’d say  why not include him in my project :-)

Now…the first one happened like this: my friend, she wanted a certain painted Tshirt from a fair I was attending, but unfortunately it got sold out until I got there...I decided then it was a good idea to offer it as a present, Onna Gall style of course.

So, I asked ARTpi to paint it. I chose some bright yellow taffeta, sew a top, attached the painting and circled it with some decorative ribbon I had.

onnagall top

I liked the result so we made another one.

The second one was also a gift for a friend leaving to work in London; and I thought it would be a meaningful present to draw the iconic London on it. 

 The third one, my first order:)

The fourth... houses, ARTpi style.. He draws cities made of all kinds of houses and if you look inside, could see people doing…stuff; there's a fascinating world in there :-)



This one I will keep:)

top pictat pictura textila

The following ones will be for you:-)

pictura textila haine pictate

It works like this: custom made painting // a theme we chose together // on a custom made top, on your size. In a yellow, green, pink, etc taffeta.

pictura textila 


Please, contact me for order&details // // 0728727632

Dress well. Feel good.



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