Short story // My story

Hello there, my dear visitor.

Allow me to introduce myself. This is my emerging journey as a garments designer and not so young as woman living on this planet.

I was born in Romania 40 years ago and I grew up in a city next to the sea and I always thought that I would go back there. 

Jean Al. Steriadi, Corăbii în port

*Jean Al. Steriadi, Ships in the port

The roads took me though to a bigger city and had a normal life as a poor student, in years after Revolution, working and studying in the same time.

I grew up professionally with different jobs in marketing, communication and advertising. And I cultivated my passion and interests for art studying design, drawing, painting, pattern making and finally sewing.

I lived strangely interesting times and people my age know the difficulty for young women tailoring a right path in life those days. But at one point you feel you lived enough to teach lessons to others, and how to shape every single day to make it worth it.


I often hear from women my age, smart women: “I don’t have any talent”. But that’s nonsense. No doubts everyone has one, whether is to run a large corporation, lead people, meet daily deadlines, grow up your kids and take care of your family and bake perfect pies is just as a talent as drawing a landscape.

I believe women are amazing, smart, bold, creative, and inspiring. They are so unique in their capabilities to do absolutely anything, from gentleness to feeding a baby to the strength of leading mass groups of people.

Well, my expression in life / as I am not such a good baker…/ is to design clothes for these women. It’s the way I am taking my creativity out and put it to the world. And I put it on these women. Literally.

This is what I chose to do, as I would like these ladies to be noticed and be beautiful so they can do what they do best every day.


So enjoy your staying, I am so happy to have you as my companion, even for a while.

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